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  Electric Mobility 2011
Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to an International Electric Mobility Conference that will be held in Ljubljana on 27 and 28th of October, 2011.
The conference will focus on current topics regarding electric mobility and introduce potentials, trends, best practices, infrastructure and new technological discoveries in this field. In the exhibition, latest developments in alternative mobility technologies will be in a spot light.
Main topics:
·                                 Energy storage
·                                 New vehicle technologies
·                                 Sustainable mobility and consumer market
·                                 Environmental, social, economic and policy impacts
·                                 Infrastruction
In Ljubljana, we will host scientists from different countries working in the field of storage and technology for electric vehicle. Representatives from auto manufacturers, government policy makers, financial and social experts will discuss new dilemmas the world will need to overcome to successfully introduce the electric car.
You are cordially welcome to join us at this unique event.
You may find more information at http://www.electromobility.si/ or please feel free to contact us at info@electromobility.si for any further information.
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